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Superteam DAO is tight-knit and has a familial vibe to begin your bounty hunting journey in web 3. It's still evolving and getting better but given that these are early days for DAOs it's definitely setting up an edifice for the future. Also, crazy memes and other stuff beyond we...



Mean DAO

This is a rare and excellent project on the solana network. The bear market should participate more and wait for the spring of the bull market.




J’ai découvert ce jeu par hasard, pour Découvrire le monde crypto je trouve le concept vraiment intéressant.(place de trading entre joueurs,ou revente direct) Je recommande ce jeu. Les développeurs ne sont jamais à court d’idées pour des évènements et réactif au moind...




CropBytes is my favorite platform to spend my time and de-stress, I really like the game because it is very real and it is in constant development, it has a very dedicated team and they care about the community, I have met wonderful people in that great community because it is ve...




I have been a core contributer to IDriss since day 1 and I love the direction it is heading. More and more people are helping each other out, cross-community engagement grows, and an exciting product line is coming up straight ahead. Jump into our discord server and join us!



Across DAO

Across is literally the best bridging protocol which doesn't guzzle your money and provides the fastest and safest experience. The Across DAO is a great place to be for DeFi enthusiasts and users who are interested in great blockchain technology. $ACX launching soon ...



Across DAO

我认为 Across DAO 是一个非常活跃和非常好的社区,项目使用跨链交易既快速又便宜。此外,关于项目空投的各个提案团队正在积极合作并满足社区。可见团队对社区还是很重视的。这是一个完美的 DAO 社区应该具备的条件



Cult DAO

CultDAO is not all about making money--it has a mission that will benefit everyone on this lovely planet. If you want to further decentralization, I urge you to look into CultDAO and read the manifesto. Aside from that, our community is a diverse group of wonderful passionate peo...



Cult DAO

i have written some reviews on many DAOs. The most innovative DAO that i found is the CULT DAO with his awsome Community and his great tokenomic system. i really like it!



Superteam DAO

SuperteamDAO is one of the best places to learn more about web3 and there is a place for everyone, dev, designer, content writer, etc. Contribute, gain XP, get incentivized, grow and learn together 🤝 WAGMI




I admire the idea of creating XDAO. This is the most convenient and easy tool to create your DAO. I'm also impressed by the structure of the work in the DAO community. I recommend everyone to join and participate in the development of the project!




The project is really amazing, this time DAO is developing much more successfully and at a tremendous speed, the XDAO project includes all the amenities for creating, using your own DAO, the community of this project is at the highest level, all your questions will be heard by am...



Umbria Network

Been using Umbria for 6 months. It’s the fastest and cheapest bridge I’ve found. Has a great team behind it and an excellent discord community. Very highly recommended!!



Umbria Network

Umbria has always been fast and inexpensive for me. Only had a minor delay once and the team in discord responded quickly and explained the reason for the delay -- which was a network issue, nothing on their end -- and the issue was resolved soon after just as they said it would...



Bankless DAO

Bankless is a community with diversed set of people, It is really awesome to see so many guilds. The only issue I feel is, the navigation between different guilds is very difficult and finding where one can contribute is hard because of that



Bankless DAO

Bankless DAO is a fantastic community and their newsletter in particular is outstanding. A great subscription to go for for anyone starting their journey down the Web3 Rabbit hole. Love the content, information and knowledge you can get by being part of Bankless DAO




The gamers' community, IndiGG, is dedicated to fostering competitive gaming at all levels. You can only get a true feel for the community's unique energy, competitive attitude, and drive to succeed by becoming an active participant. Extra benefits include whitelisting invitations...




Well, Indigg is one great project that actually offered me my first ever opportunity of belonging to a guild in my first web3 guild experiences. Ever since I've been with Indigg, its been all sorts of fun and adventure. I will always definitely recommend this great guild to anyon...

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